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Here is a problem

I know too many people who say they want to end ignorance and racism. Yet these same people only step up when racist remarks are made about their race. Or some of these people will say bad things about another race.

We’re all in the same boat here. Why are we attacking each other on a sinking ship. 

Why do I bother with Facebook anymore.

I hate half of the people on there and the other half hates me.

Ok seriously my whole fucking life I have watched people be called “photographers” simply because they have an expensive DSLR camera.

No. Having a DSLR doesn’t automatically make you a good photographer. Granted, a photographer can be anybody. But when you start receiving praise for shitty point and shoot photos of your friends and yourself doing everyday things like hanging out, then I don’t think you’re a photographer.

It sickens me that incompetent people are always being rewarded simply because they’re popular. No. This world sucks.

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I’m fucking tired of letting people use me. It’s gotten to the point where they think they can boss me around and think I’ll do as they say.

No, fuck you in the cunt.

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Summer awaits

Everyday I frantically try to complete all of my homework assignments in one go. Well, at least that’s been the case these past couple of weeks. Finals are approaching, but I have yet to study or complete the major projects for my classes. It’s killing me. I’ve gotten way too involved with school activities and clubs that I’ve forgotten about my academics.

Though, this will definitely change in the fall when I attend Art Center. But for now, I must make do with the time I have and try my best to complete everything before it’s too late.

Let’s just hope I get enough sleep to make it through alive.